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Increase Your Home’s Value With Our Pressure Washing Services!

Did you know your home’s exterior appearance can affect its property value? If this makes you anxious, fret no more! Pressure washing services are one of the least expensive maintenance costs and can increase the value of your home by up to 5%!

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Though pressure washing may not be one of your top housing priorities, it is more important than you think. Over time, mold, mildew, and funguses inevitably build up on your home’s exterior. If neglected, they can cause both external and structural problems to your house.

Reasons to Call a Professional Pressure Washing Service

With HGTV’s “Do It Yourself” movement, you may be tempted to pressure wash your own home, driveway, or patio furniture. However, this can be a costly mistake. One slip or pressure strength error, and you may accrue a maintenance bill much larger than if you had simply hired professionals for the pressure washing service.

Pressure washing can also be time consuming. Often the many hours it takes to successfully pressure wash a house is not worth the personal effort. It’s best to spend an affordable amount for professional pressure washing services to ensure a successful outcome.

High Quality Pressure Washing Services with a Personal Touch

At GleamPro, we provide both regular and low-power pressure washing services for our residential customers, ensuring each client walks away completely satisfied. Our low-power pressure washing service allows for a safer, more sensitive cleaning of delicate items.

We pressure wash everything from pool decks and boats to sidewalks, driveways, and siding. Whatever your needs, we have the professional experience to give your home that added curb appeal!

Does your office building need a facelift? GleamPro also offers commercial pressure washing services.

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Commercial Cleaning Services

Top 3 Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services

Having an incredibly clean workspace is just one benefit of our commercial cleaning services. They also contribute to increased productivity and decreased stress in the workplace! Allow the team at GleamPro to clean your office. We have commercial cleaning services that will greatly benefit you and your company.

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Check out three of many reasons why you should opt for our commercial cleaning services:

Increased Efficiency & Productivity

Studies have shown that when employees are in a dirty environment, they are not able to concentrate fully. If dust is on their desk or dirt is on the floors, their attention will be focused on the grime instead of on their work. When you choose our commercial cleaning services, your employees will be more productive which will positively affect your overall business.

Decreased Stress in the Workplace

We know that you have important work to complete. We want to help manage your workload by taking the task of cleaning the office off your plate! You won’t have to stress about buying the right cleaning supplies or making time to clean it thoroughly. We manage all aspects of the deep cleaning for you.

Safer Work Environment

When clutter is removed from the workplace, you are eliminating the potential for accidents. Many worker compensation claims are the result of slipping, tripping, or falling in the workplace. If the objects that cause those accidents are removed, it will benefit both you and your employees.

Additionally, when the work environment is clean, it becomes safer concerning everyone’s health! We disinfect and deep clean so bacteria and germs do not spread. (Restrooms are the number one place for germs and bacteria in the workplace. That’s why we provide a restroom cleaning service, as well.)

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pressure washing services

When is the Best Time of Year to Use Pressure Washing Services?

Your home is your most valuable investment and one you constantly work to maintain. With summer almost over and fall right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about pressure washing. Professional pressure washing services is the best answer for homeowners wanting to take out the strain of quality work and the time associated if one attempts to complete the job alone.

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Does that Mean Fall is the Best Time for Pressure Washing?

In truth, it really doesn’t matter which season a pressure washing is completed. Should the pressure washing be done properly, the cleaning will last the same amount of time. This means whether you have it done in the winter, spring, summer, or fall, it won’t affect the quality of the pressure washing. Therefore, it’s best to schedule your pressure washing to fit your individual and financial needs.

Choosing the Right Pressure Washing Services Company

As the year goes on, we often look at the front of our homes and notice one glaring thing — it looks dirty. A clean, well-maintained property exterior will do wonders for your home’s curb appeal while increasing its value at the same time. Pressure washing can breathe new life into your home. Sadly, rain showers and other weather elements do more harm than good to the exterior of our homes and makes it look worn out.

When choosing a company for these services, there are many investments to consider protecting when you’re in need of pressure washing. Will the company do sidewalks, concrete, patios, gutters, outdoor living spaces, etc.? Will they even offer a free quote? Are they a bonded and insured contractor? GleamPro offers these services and more and is bonded and insured, too!

What’s Most Important?

Finally, the most important aspect of pressure washing you need to remember is the quality of the work. After taking time to meet with the GleamPro team, our hope is you will see the quality of our work outshines our competitors.

GleamPro wants to help maintain your home for years to come. You can schedule a free quote today. We want our customers to utter the words, “Finally Clean!” ™

Commercial Cleaning Companies – A Strategy For The Future

A previous article looked at this in general terms with regard to a start up cleaning company. This article will concentrate on a strategy for an established company to follow if it wants to be even more successful and continue expanding into the future. 

The nature of cleaning is changing and the criteria companies  use to choose their cleaners is also changing. Little by little companies are realising that it is more economical and administratively easier to find a cleaning company that can meet all their cleaning requirements.

Very few cleaning companies are able to do this or have wanted to do so in the past. They have chosen to concentrate on a particular specialism and develop that. So we have firms that are office cleaners, carpet cleaners, window cleaners, stone cleaners, kitchen cleaners, and ventilation duct cleaners to name but a few. Each of these builds up their own particular client base and their only way of growing is to expand their area of coverage. Many cleaning companies are reluctant to do this and consequently their potential for growth is limited. A large proportion of these companies are run by a single person who is quite happy to restrict themselves to a physically manageable area and manage a finite number of clients. However if you own and operate a company or want to start a cleaning company that has wider visions then you have an opportunity to take advantage of the changing market place.

The medium and larger sized companies and corporations are now beginning to look for cleaning companies that can provide them with all the cleaning services they require. From the simple and straightforward office cleaning on a daily basis to the six monthly or yearly cleaning of their ventilation ducts. If the cleaning company wishes to take advantage of this and gain corporate clients then it must expand its areas of expertise. If the financial burden of doing this is too great for the company to bear then the alternative is to find other firms who specialise in these various areas and work together either as partnerships or sub-contract out these fields of specialist cleaning. Sub-contracting has its pitfalls and to a large extent should be avoided if possible but it is a way into this new market place until you can develop your own expertise.

Companies working together in some form of partnership who share the same goals is a better solution but ultimately it is better if your own company can develop within these various areas and then you have complete control without the concern and constant anxiety of being ‘let down’. Become an expert in carpet cleaning, window cleaning, deep cleaning of commercial kitchens and ventilation duct cleaning. That way you can offer your prospective clients the complete cleaning package, increase your turnover and continue to grow.
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