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Window Cleaning: When Windex Isn’t Enough

Do you often clean your windows, and finish feeling frustrated because there are streak marks and smudges? Sometimes, like other areas of our home, our windows need a deep clean. The team at Gleam Cleaning Pros can help!

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The Importance of Clean Windows

Many people assume that it’s important to keep windows clean in order to maintain a good appearance. While that’s true, cleaning your windows can actually contribute to their longevity. Your windows take on their fair share of wind, rain, hail, and more from Mother Nature.  Help them weather the storms by taking advantage of our incredible window cleaning services.

There are many other reasons why having clean windows is important, such as:

  • Increased curb appeal
  • Improved window efficiency
  • Less chance of degradation

Window Cleaning & Related Services

Clean window panes are extremely important, but we know that there are more window elements that need to be cleaned. We provide services such as:

Ceiling fan & chandelier cleaning – It’s not uncommon for ceiling fans and chandeliers to be in hard-to-reach places. When they have a buildup of dust, it can cause health issues for people who suffer from allergies. The team at Gleam Cleaning Pros has the right equipment and supplies to clean appliances in extremely high places.

Installing & removing screens – Now that your windows are clean (thanks to our window cleaning services), your screens are next on the list. If your screens are broken or ripped, it’s important to remove and replace them. With ill-fitted screens, bugs can enter your home.

Skylight cleaning – A skylight is a window in a roof or ceiling, and they’re perfect if your home needs extra light. However, when they get foggy or become dirty, their beauty diminishes. Let us clean your skylights to keep your home looking and feeling brighter.

These are only a few of our related services. You can customize your very own package to cover everything you need cleaned. The professionals at Gleam Cleaning Pros are here to help!